Saturday, October 5, 2013

Episode 11 - Outsiders

No Reviews. Just Analysis.

Three comics from October 2, 2013, plus your Nerd Confessions, Aaron's Inner Child and the last segment of Grief Counseling (for now).

Show Notes:
Theme of the show is outsiders. Period.

Todd The Ugliest Kid In The World #6 15:20
There's probably some societal commentary going on when the boy with the bag on his head is the most beautiful thing in the book, right?

Iron Man #16 23:08
Arguably the most iconic Marvel character at this point (sorry, Peter), Tony Stark is once again having an identity crisis. Somebody get the poor guy a drink. Oh. Awkward.

Mara #6 37:53
Transcending humanity is the ultimate disconnect from everything she once knew. A fulfilling conclusion to Mara's search for her new sense of self.

Grief Counseling - The Walking Dead, Vol. 8 #43-48 45:35
This one should come with a warning label.

Each week for the the past eight weeks, Andrea has been reading a volume of The Walking Dead. If you read it, you probably remember what happens in #48. You probably also understand why she's probably definitely taking a break from continuing with this game. She'll take Tony's drink, though. Make it a double.

Thanks for listening, and thank you THANK YOU to Edward for the extraordinary new audio equipment. We're one step closer to world domination thanks to your generosity, sir.

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