Saturday, October 12, 2013

Episode 12 - Miracles

Comics Therapy. No Reviews, Just Analysis.

Three comics from October 9, 2013. Plus your Nerd Confessions and Aaron's Inner Child. And this week, we also welcome our first guest to The Couch: writer Kelly Sue DeConnick.

Show Notes:
Theme of the show is hubris, by way of science, by way of man’s constant struggle to catalogue and control the natural power around us, and within ourselves. It hardly ever goes as planned.

America's Got Powers #7 12:20
This is the (un)true story...of (countless) strangers...picked to live in a house (on Alcatraz Island) together (trying to kill each other) and have their lives (and deaths) find out what happens... when people stop being polite (or normal)...and start getting real (powers).

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #4 23:00
Comic book science done right. Now featuring actual science!

Paul Pope's Battling Boy 32:35
An almost-perfect all-ages book that combines familiar mythology with recognizable pulpy science tropes in an appealing and approachable way. Our first conversation about a graphic novel, because Aaron was so excited he just had to talk about this book immediately. Turns out he was right.

(And the bookstore Andrea mentions? Off The Beaten Path in Steamboat Springs, CO. They're good people with great taste in books. And family.)

We read on The Internet that the final stage of the grieving process is acceptance and hope, so for now we say goodbye to Grief Counseling and The Walking Dead and look ahead to our exciting new segment featuring candid interviews with creators we respect whose work we admire.

The Couch: Kelly Sue DeConnick 41:15

Up first, the venerable powerhouse that is Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics, Ghost from Dark Horse Comics and her highly anticipated new creator-owned series Pretty Deadly from Image Comics.

Thanks for listening. Everything you could possibly want to know about us or the show is to your right. And keep those nerdy confessions and stories coming, kids. Cheers.

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