Friday, September 27, 2013

Episode 10 - Parents Just Don't Understand

No Reviews. Just Analysis.

Three comics from September 25, 2013, plus Nerd Confessions, Aaron's Inner Child and Grief Counseling.

Show Notes:
Theme of the show is parents. Everyone has them at some point. Many of us become them later in life. The bond between parent and child is unlike any other in this world, but that doesn't mean that everything's always coming up roses.

Jupiter's Legacy #3 14:25
Why focus on just parenting when you can focus on really bad parenting? Or bad child-ing? It's every parent's fear that they'll outlive their children, and these children are doing everything in their power to ensure it won't happen. You can't choose your family, but you can choose how long they'll live.

FF #12 30:05
What kind of parent sends their kid to a school where the students are smarter than the teachers? It's the Future Foundation, not the future of parenting. Whitney Houston may not have believed it, but these children aren't going to wait to lead the way. Is anyone over the age of ten actually in charge?

Saga #14 42:28
Being a parent is hard. Being a parent is harder when people want to kill you. Being a parent is the hardest when everyone in the galaxy wants to kill you. Except your mother-in-law. She stopped wanting to kill you five issues ago.

Grief Counseling - The Walking Dead Vol. 7 [#37-42] 52:24
Andrea faces her fears each week by reading a volume of The Walking Dead.

She had no idea he wasn't dead. Sorry, Andrea.

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*Special Edition Tenth Episode Show Notes With Celebrity Guest Editor, Twitter's Own Cameron Williams.

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