Friday, September 27, 2013

Episode 10 - Parents Just Don't Understand

No Reviews. Just Analysis.

Three comics from September 25, 2013, plus Nerd Confessions, Aaron's Inner Child and Grief Counseling.

Show Notes:
Theme of the show is parents. Everyone has them at some point. Many of us become them later in life. The bond between parent and child is unlike any other in this world, but that doesn't mean that everything's always coming up roses.

Jupiter's Legacy #3 14:25
Why focus on just parenting when you can focus on really bad parenting? Or bad child-ing? It's every parent's fear that they'll outlive their children, and these children are doing everything in their power to ensure it won't happen. You can't choose your family, but you can choose how long they'll live.

FF #12 30:05
What kind of parent sends their kid to a school where the students are smarter than the teachers? It's the Future Foundation, not the future of parenting. Whitney Houston may not have believed it, but these children aren't going to wait to lead the way. Is anyone over the age of ten actually in charge?

Saga #14 42:28
Being a parent is hard. Being a parent is harder when people want to kill you. Being a parent is the hardest when everyone in the galaxy wants to kill you. Except your mother-in-law. She stopped wanting to kill you five issues ago.

Grief Counseling - The Walking Dead Vol. 7 [#37-42] 52:24
Andrea faces her fears each week by reading a volume of The Walking Dead.

She had no idea he wasn't dead. Sorry, Andrea.

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*Special Edition Tenth Episode Show Notes With Celebrity Guest Editor, Twitter's Own Cameron Williams.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Episode 9 - Faith

No Reviews. Just Analysis.

Andrea got her hopes up this week when Aaron was dying from toddler plague; the opportunity to stack the deck with a co-host who actually likes her was just too good a chance to pass up. Unfortunately for her, (but fortunately for everyone else?) Aaron made a last minute recovery to talk about three books from September 18, 2013. Plus Nerd Confessions, Aaron's Inner Child and Grief Counseling, just for funsies.

Show Notes:
Theme of the show is faith and belief. What makes a god a god? How do you believe in more when you've only ever believed in yourself? And what choices do you make when you know the truth is out there somewhere.

Thor: God of Thunder #13 19:45
Invincibility vs. omnipotence, and the role gods play in the Marvel Universe. Not nearly enough attention is paid to the drinking and the wenches. Or the comic.

(Editor's note: Andrea has found no evidence that Aaron was correct in his assertion that "Thor" was created as Marvel's answer to "Superman", and would like to submit the theory that in fact, he was just talking out his Asgard.)

The Bounce #5 36:45
Is everyone on drugs in this book? Does it matter? Well, maybe not. Because there's a lot being said about what we believe and what we perceive is real in this life and/or the next.

X-Files Season 10 #4 46:30
The ultimate testament to wanting to believe in a higher power, be it man-made or from the stars. Just no guarantees that power is benevolent, right, Mulder? Also: bonus reminiscing from your adorable hosts about the book Chariots of the Gods?

Grief Counseling - The Walking Dead Vol. 6 #31-36 59:40
Each week Andrea faces her fears by reading a volume of The Walking Dead.

She's ready to be done now. Any suggestions for what Aaron should be forced to read next?

(Ahem. Yes, Andrea is contractually obligated to continue to be a guinea pig for TWD or another suitable title, but come on. Can't it be Aaron's turn?!)

Questions, comments, concerns? Look to the sidebar for contact info and subscription details, as well as new ways to send us your weekly #nerdconfessions.

This week's intro is by George Michael.

And the outro is by Simple Minds.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Episode 8 - Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

No Reviews, Just Analysis.

This episode is for the ladies. After freaking out over gender roles at the end of last week's show, Andrea ups the ante with three books from September 11, 2013 that feature strong female characters. Plus Nerd Confessions, Aaron's Inner Child and the most disturbing Grief Counseling yet.

Show Notes:
Theme of the show is the female problem. Take that as you will.

Red Sonja #3 14:50 to 29:17
Can a kickass female warrior empower women and break longstanding gender barriers while wearing a skimpy chain mail bikini? Why doesn't Sonja have the sense to just put on some damn pants? It's as if the traditional audience for this character was almost exclusively male...

(Mentioned in this segment: Burnt Weiners Episode 168, in which Aaron and Andrea guest host and discuss Red Sonja #1, among other things.)

X-Men #5 29:36 to 38:45
Battle Of The Atom Part 3, or How Many Jean Greys Does It Take To Destabilize The Timeline of A Lightbulb? It's a sweet reunion between mother and daughter that will probably lead to the end of the Marvel Universe as we know it.

Rachel Rising #19 40:14 to 49:49
Once upon a time there was a girl. She died. The end. But then it wasn't the end anymore. In fact, it was just the beginning. Of the end. That's usually how these things work.

Grief Counseling - The Walking Dead, Vol. 5 #25-30 50:00 to end
Each week Andrea faces her fears by reading a volume of The Walking Dead.

Bonus points if you can note the exact time Aaron makes her cry.

That's it for us this week. Contact info and subscription details are to your right, and don't forget to keep those #nerdconfessions coming!

If you're looking for this week's intro music, it's by the Eurythmics.

The outro is by Joan Jett.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Episode 7 - Brand New Day

No Reviews, Just Analysis.

Three books from September 4, 2013. Grief Counseling. And a new segment, Aaron's Inner Child. Plus your Nerd Confessions throughout. Wheeeeee!

Show Notes:
Theme of the show is starting over. It's a brand new day, what are you waiting for? Everything is going to be great! 

Wait, what's that you say? It's just a new kind of terrible? Yeah, sorry about that. Our bad.

But before you perfect your wallow, here's some good news from the real world. An exciting new all-ages anthology that will burst even the most cynical gum chewer's sullen bubble. You'll hear two messages from creator Isaac Cates during the show. And a lovely email interview with Isaac is on our interview page here.

For more information about Cartozia Tales and to pledge your support, visit their Kickstarter project page.

Cartozia Tales Message 1 13:10

And now, on to the analysis.

Suicide Risk #5 15:50
Something something absolute power something something corrupts absolutely.
Or something.

Satellite Sam #3 30:20
We could talk about the comic, or we could talk about whether a new generation of young hipsters are searching for sci-fi serials from the dawn of the television age. Mostly we do the latter.

Forever Evil #1 46:00
Bad guys running amok. Heroes are dead. Does anyone care? (Spoiler alert: some do.)

Also, one of our hosts reveals his or her complete and total ignorance of the New 52. Guess who? (Spoiler alert: it's probably not Aaron.)

Cartozia Tales Message 2 60:02

Grief Counseling - The Walking Dead, Vol. 4 #19-24 60:04
Each week, Andrea faces her fears by reading a volume of The Walking Dead.

This volume pissed her off. The zombies are back, which is never a good thing. But you'll have to listen to hear the real reason why Andrea is so angry with this book. And Aaron. Always with Aaron.

And that's a wrap. Need to reach us in between shows? We're very social people. Take a look at the sidebar and pick your poison. Don't forget to call in your #nerdconfession. We never judge. (Spoiler alert: we always judge.)


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