Friday, September 20, 2013

Episode 9 - Faith

No Reviews. Just Analysis.

Andrea got her hopes up this week when Aaron was dying from toddler plague; the opportunity to stack the deck with a co-host who actually likes her was just too good a chance to pass up. Unfortunately for her, (but fortunately for everyone else?) Aaron made a last minute recovery to talk about three books from September 18, 2013. Plus Nerd Confessions, Aaron's Inner Child and Grief Counseling, just for funsies.

Show Notes:
Theme of the show is faith and belief. What makes a god a god? How do you believe in more when you've only ever believed in yourself? And what choices do you make when you know the truth is out there somewhere.

Thor: God of Thunder #13 19:45
Invincibility vs. omnipotence, and the role gods play in the Marvel Universe. Not nearly enough attention is paid to the drinking and the wenches. Or the comic.

(Editor's note: Andrea has found no evidence that Aaron was correct in his assertion that "Thor" was created as Marvel's answer to "Superman", and would like to submit the theory that in fact, he was just talking out his Asgard.)

The Bounce #5 36:45
Is everyone on drugs in this book? Does it matter? Well, maybe not. Because there's a lot being said about what we believe and what we perceive is real in this life and/or the next.

X-Files Season 10 #4 46:30
The ultimate testament to wanting to believe in a higher power, be it man-made or from the stars. Just no guarantees that power is benevolent, right, Mulder? Also: bonus reminiscing from your adorable hosts about the book Chariots of the Gods?

Grief Counseling - The Walking Dead Vol. 6 #31-36 59:40
Each week Andrea faces her fears by reading a volume of The Walking Dead.

She's ready to be done now. Any suggestions for what Aaron should be forced to read next?

(Ahem. Yes, Andrea is contractually obligated to continue to be a guinea pig for TWD or another suitable title, but come on. Can't it be Aaron's turn?!)

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This week's intro is by George Michael.

And the outro is by Simple Minds.

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