Friday, August 2, 2013

Nerd Confessions / Nerd Stories!

Each week, we play four to five of your Nerd Confessions and Nerd Stories on the show in between segments. Whats a nerd confession and/or story, you ask? Its a funny, interesting or secret thing about yourself that is super geeky for the entire Comics Therapy family to enjoy. Or it's a great nerdy story from your life that you want to share with the listening audience. It could be something you are proud of, amused by, or even a little ashamed of. Whatever. We don't judge. Usually.

Here is an example:



So go ahead and leave us your confession or story on:

Skype. Our user name is ComicsTherapy.

Call and leave us a voice mail at our Google voice number: 541.357.6922.

Email us at

You'll feel better after you get it off your chest, and we will love you for sharing it with us!

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