Monday, August 5, 2013

Episode 2 - Sex, Crime, and Serial Killers.

We're back! A second episode. They said it would never happen. Well, maybe no one said that. But here it is for your listening pleasure. You can listen with the links below, or subscribe to the show and get it automatically.

Show Notes:
THIS ONE IS DARK, KIDS. We should have included a warning at the beginning of the recording. Something something bourbon something. We highly recommend you have at least two drinks before you start listening. You know what? Let's just make that a standard rule, okay?

Theme of the show is redemption arcs. Who gets to have one? Is there such a thing as being too depraved or dysfunctional to deserve one?

If you want to skip over or skip to any parts of the show, here are the time markers for you:

10:35 - Bedlam #8
In which Andrea and Aaron discuss nature vs. nurture, and Aaron mentions castration three times.  Sort of sets the tone for the rest of the show.

22:45 - High Crimes #5
Everest as a symbol for personal demons. No big deal.

34:25 - Sex #4
And who hasn't had (or given) an unfulfilling bj in a bathroom? Come on, be honest.

All this plus! NERD CONFESSIONS! Thanks for sharing your deep, dark geek secrets. If you missed out this time, we'll be doing that weekly. Check out the sidebar for our contact info, and leave us a message with your best #nerdconfession.

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Thanks for listening and let us know what you think of the show! 

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