Sunday, August 11, 2013

Episode 3 - Jesus, The Devil & The Sinister 5 walk into a bar...

It's a vacation week for Andrea so that means drinking, fighting and (maybe?) reconciliation with her co-host Aaron. This week we talk about 3 books, like we always do. Markers are below if you want to skip over or skip ahead.

Don't miss out on the great Nerd Confessions we got, though - this week was awesome for calls! We saved some of the confessions for future episodes, so if you didn't hear yours, it'll be on the show in the coming weeks. And feel free to call again to stuff the ballot.

Thanks as always for listening to the show. If you have any suggestions or feedback, hit us up below or on Twitter or you can Email us at: Now lets get to it!

Show Notes:

Theme of the show is obsession, in all its beautiful forms. Addiction, attraction and everything in between.

Fatale #16 Start Time 13:13
Don't come here looking for a plot summary, since we cleverly skip over that entirely. Instead, Aaron and Andrea discuss the power and powerlessness that comes with wielding sexuality as a weapon. And also demons, because who saw that coming? Certainly not Andrea; she'll have nightmares for the rest of her vacation thanks to this book.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2 Start Time 31:05
A day in the life of a super villain who, let's be frank, isn't all that super. What if evil is just a job? The bureaucracy of being a bad guy kind of sucks, but it sure is entertaining. And you gotta give the guy some credit for continuing to try and try again.

Miniature Jesus #4 Start Time 42:25
A deeply personal treatise on the struggle for sobriety. When you've reached your lowest point, does the final push to overcome your addiction come from within or from above? We don't even get to talking about what the hell is up with the cat.

All this, plus four new Nerd Confessions. Thanks for sharing your geek secrets. Don't forget to leave your #nerdconfession message for a future show. Details in the sidebar.

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