Saturday, January 31, 2015

Episode 72 - We're Going In Circles

Comics Therapy. No Reviews. Just Analysis.

Three books from January 29, 2015. Plus a Second Opinion, featuring questions answered by a different listener each week, with Cleon Soares.

Show Notes:
This week’s theme was going to be the very pithy “everything old is new again,” which was both a not-so-subtle call out to how lax we’ve been with our recording schedule, but also an acknowledgement that all three titles we’re discussing this week have been a long time coming. But after we read them, at least one of us (spoiler: Andrea) was left feeling really depressed. (Like, more so than usual.) Sure, we’ve been waiting for Danger Club for awhile. And High Crimes is always worth the wait. And even what is going on over there on the X-Men-slash-Avengers unity team has been building for quite some time. But did you notice how heavy they all were? Maybe it’s not that everything old is new again, maybe it’s that everything dies?! Let's discuss.

It's not about mountain climbing. It's about deciding whether you want to even live to try to do so.

Existential teenage heroes and a force greater than the gods that can destroy us all.
(Plus, since we're talking fatalistic philosophy, some more High Crimes action as a bonus.)

Starting over again. Again.

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This Weeks Intro: One Direction - Same Mistakes:

This Weeks Outro: They Might Be Giants - Everything Right Is Wrong Again:

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