Saturday, June 14, 2014

Episode 46 - You Don't Know Me At All

Comics Therapy. No Reviews. Just Analysis.

Two comics from June 11, 2014. Plus your Nerd Confessions (about your favorite time meeting a creator in real life).
On The Couch: Eisner-winning writer J. M. DeMatteis

Show Notes:
This week’s theme is you ain’t who you say you are. You know that terrible feeling when you discover waaay late in the game that someone you really thought you knew is in fact totally different in every way? It never works in the positive direction, either. It’s not like suddenly they turn awesome after being a giant asshole. Noooooo. It’s totally like after years and years of trusting you really know someone BOOM! You wake up and realize it was all a lie. We’re looking at two comics that touch on that big reveal, that big realization that there’s a whole lot more  - or less - going on under the surface than you expected. Could be robots. Could be secrets. Murder. Mayhem. Mystery. Could be the comic itself is completely not what you expected. Really, it’s fine.

Two cops. One is a robot. They don't know which one. Hijinks ensue. In the comic and on the show.

Another Marvel event with cosmic implications. And advertisements. And mansplaining. Not a lot of secrets, though. Weird.

The Couch - J.M. DeMatteis 42:28
Over his 35 year career, Mr. DeMatteis has written lengthy runs on Captain America and Spider-Man for Marvel, including the critically acclaimed ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’ storyline. He’s written countless Justice League stories for DC over the years, winning the Eisner in 2004 for the mini-series Formerly Known As The Justice League with Keith Giffen and Kevin MacGuire. His graphic novels Mercy and Moonshadow among others helped launch the DC imprint Vertigo in the 90s. He’s written all-ages comics and prose, like Abadazad and the novel Imaginalis, as well as episodes of Teen Titans Go!, Ben 10 and other animated shows. He is currently writing Justice League 3000 and Justice League Dark for DC Comics.

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This weeks Intro You Don't Know Me Lyrics - Ben Folds:

This weeks outro Simply Red - If You Don't Know Me By Now:

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