Saturday, May 31, 2014

Episode 44 - School's Out

Comics Therapy. No Reviews. Just Analysis.

Three comics from Wednesday, May 28, 2014. Plus your Nerd Confessions (about the comics you think should be taught in schools). 

Show Notes:

In honor of the holiday weekend marking the unofficial start to summer, we’re talking about school. Well, not really, because school sucks. And you know why? It’s not because of the work, it’s because of the kids. If hell is other people, then high school is the ninth circle. So this week we’re looking at teen superheroes and what they do outside of school and schools for young assassins and kids sent to space because they’re too smart for school. You know how adolescence and school cliques are portrayed in stories written by adults in many cases for adults but featuring kids? It’s totally fine. Because being a teenager really does suck for a lot of reasons, and that’s no different in comics.

Trying to fit in at school, at home and within one's community is already a challenge during adolescence. Surprise super powers totally complicate everything.

Pariah #4 34:45
Teenagers think they know everything. This group of kids actually does. 
Or at least enough to stay alive, so far.

Sex, drugs, rock 'n roll. Cliques, classes and clowns. Teenage angst and philosophical musing. 
And 1987 is a beautiful place.

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This weeks Intro Alice Cooper - School's Out:

This weeks outro Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit:

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