Saturday, March 1, 2014

Episode 32 - The In Crowd

Comics Therapy. No Reviews. Just Analysis.

Two books from February 27, 2014. Plus your Nerd Confessions (suggested by Corey Fryia, about your favorite guilty pleasure characters) and Aaron's Inner Child.
On The Couch: writer Kel Symons.

Show Notes:
This week’s theme is...all your fault. Or Andrea's fault, if you ask Aaron. We crowdsourced the books, so the only thing linking Hawkeye and The Wake to one another is the fact that both are two of Andrea's traditionally favorite books. So maybe the lesson for everyone, mostly Aaron, is that you like her best. And left to your own devices, you’ll pick her side every time. She likes you best, too.

Oh, there's also a bunch of stuff about hubris in there, too. Go figure.

Hawkeye #15 19:25
School's in session, kids. The stakes are higher, but is our hero up to the task? Where is his ego when he really needs it? You may be surprised with the take away from this lesson. Aaron certainly was.

The Wake #6 30:50
Ah. Speaking of ego, this book has it in spades. What does that mean as we head into the concluding arc? Aaron and Andrea make more predictions than they should. Because hubris. (Editor's Note: See what we did there?)

The Couch - Kel Symons 46:25
Kel is a writer and producer. He wrote the miniseries I Love Trouble published by Image Comics and his brand new series The Mercenary Sea, also from Image, debuted February 12. 

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This week's intro is Bryan Ferry - The 'In' Crowd:

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