Friday, November 15, 2013

Episode 17 - The Kids Are Alright

Comics Therapy. No Reviews, Just Analysis.

Three comics from November 13, 2013. Plus your Nerd Confessions (starring your adorable kids) and Aaron's Inner Child.
On The Couch this week: artist and writer Howard Chaykin.

Show Notes:
Theme of the show is adolescents in turmoil. Young protagonists in traditionally adult situations can make for some interesting conflict. And so can familiar characters made accessible for younger readers.

Li'l Gotham #8 11:55
In the "stages of all-ages", these approachable stories and pretty pictures are the Aesop's Fables of the DC Universe.

Rocket Girl #2 20:05
Man, teenagers can be so hot-headed and impulsive, especially with a rocket strapped to their backs.

Bandette Vol 1: Presto! 25:30
This Eisner-award winning tale of a teenage bandit is the darling of the industry, but why? Bandette has us all wrapped around her little finger, and we love everything about it.

The Couch - Howard Chaykin 34:50
A living legend, Howard has been a celebrated artist and writer in comics for the past forty years. He is currently drawing Satellite Sam with writer Matt Fraction and writing and drawing Buck Rogers for Hermes Press. He’s drawn and written countless books for both Marvel and DC, but was also one of the first to publish commercially successful creator-owned work like his American Flagg! Howard is known for his controversial and boundary-pushing series Black Kiss published by Vortex Comics in 1988 and the follow up sequel put out by Image Comics last year. 

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